I dare anyone to provide more value to Prescott than he provides for them. This guy is a top player. He plays to win. And he understands that good relationships are key to winning. So he gives what he wants to receive. Prescott provides value by opening his palms and being willing to share some of his sources and thoughts that drive his businesses; where he learned some important piece of information, exactly how he is using that information and what supplier he is using for this or that part or process. What a great way to follow the Golden Rule. I want to give to him, because he gives to me.

Rafael Elizalde
6 Figure IT Consultant

Are you ready to launch?


A launch isn’t easy.  Product launches require consistent work around the clock.  There are multiple teams of talented professionals working in concert to create new content, build lists of followers, work with joint venture partners, establish dialogue relevant to the media, manage deliverables and supply chains, and so many other parts.  You need someone who recognizes patterns and takes action consistently to shape a launch.  That’s what I do.  My history evolved from defense applications through to SaaS companies, into think tanks and brainstorming events, to online membership launches and now onto consumer products and mobile platforms.  Together we’ll be able to function among multiple sectors because I recognize patterns required for your growth in a short period of time.  Our best projects are enabled with a minimum resource budget of $20,000.  We’ll discover creative ways to get you positioned in front of your ideal audience, connect with effective launch partners, and launch your product or platform to earn maximum exposure in your market.

I’ve trained under Jeff Walker as a Product Launch Manager and work by referral only in an advisory capacity, through a trusted network of friends and colleagues.  My previous collaborations include the prior manager of AMA’s 2013 Artist of the Year, as well as several six and seven figure consultants.  I’ve brought senior executives together for brainstorming, created frameworks used by teams to manage learning engagement, and applied for a United States Patent for what I believe to be the next revolution in emergency management.  If you’re looking for a creative solution in a crowded market, I’m your point person to create a Blue Ocean Strategy.  As your trusted advisor, I will fight for your foothold and work around the clock to ensure you grow rapidly and successfully during a product launch.

I’ve also relaunched myself, bouncing back from a flat-line cardiac arrest on a 10K race track in August 2014.  Since that encounter with death, you’ll find daily reflections here about the world around us.  If I can inspire just one new person a day to change their own lives, maybe we’ll all be able to relaunch how we perceive the world, too.  My mission is to make the world a better place by helping others and their passion products to achieve full potential.

My name is Prescott Paulin, and I am a Product Launch Advisor.