Reflecting beyond the day I found out why.

Acts of Kindness

Published August 30, 2014 in Daily Reflections - 0 Comments

He wasn’t a hitchhiker, and there was no thumb or hand out stretched. He just needed a ride, and someone to care. Saturday’s reflection came suddenly as I nearly passed the heavy set man walking towards the bridge, away from our mall. To most, a large guy with tattoos means keep on driving. But observing his stride, I slowed down, rolled down my window, and met Steve.

He said his wife left him after wanting to buy a $500 pair of eyeglasses… Just got in the car and drove away. Sort of like what I felt like as I was driving around looking to clear my mind. Now I felt normal. I could help someone with a normal act of kindness, which for someone else became extraordinary. That’s what the nurses did for me, after all. Saving lives is a normal day’s work.

I was on the way to Springfield to give gifts to the nurses who saved me. But instead I asked Steve where he needed to go. He had his car at his daughter’s house. It was 30 minutes in the other direction.

Ending up in Mt. Zion, he spent our car ride telling me about his prior work as a security guard at the local school district, and about all the fights he broke up. He thought about taking a job now at the mall, or going back to the schools… Which pay better but have the certain subjection to getting pummeled regularly.

I swallowed hard when he told me I was his Guardian Angel for the day. All I did was offer a ride.

As I drove back past Spitler Woods State Park, I decided to take a walk. I didn’t know where I was going or how far the trails would take me, but at the fork between concrete and dirt, I chose dirt. Twenty minutes into my curiosity, I came nearly face to face with a beautiful doe. I reflected that just the day prior, I had thought to go kill a deer to fit in. But now I felt normal in my own way, passing through the woods and appreciating nature, not needing to conform to anyone.