Reflecting beyond the day I found out why.

An Ode To Friendship

Published September 2, 2014 in Daily Reflections - 0 Comments

Today’s takeaway: take away a friend, on an invited adventure even of miniature proportion.

Tonight was mini golf… Is it an American pastime beyond batting cages? Honesty keeps a tight leash on golf scores until you realize that you’re there to have fun. Only a close friend can kick your sphere out-of-bounds, evoking laughter as you both become mutual interactive hazards of the course.

As for life, we all need more friends like that… Humor hoists our spirits whether or not our best shots are falling swiftly into place. Outside celebration with a friend is worth making the effort in the first place.

Fast forward to work life: after hours. Winding down the day as the sun collapses before its morning rounds…

Jesse Elder inspired me tonight, through the track “Be Comfortable, Creature” by the group Explosions In The Sky.

Volume remains as loud as it should be to be heard in an empty office. The Kanban wall beside me shouts visually for more sticky notes to transform jumbled thoughts into coherent microsteps of action.

And while action calls, no amount of sticky notes have yet transformed me back to a full paleo diet. Salmon for dinner did not absolve my cravings of sugar and gluten nearby. Melted Cheese… My resolve must improve, but junk food is everywhere.

Reflecting tonight grows harder. With feet propped up next to my standing desk, hypocrisy has snuck in via a reclining chair. I am still at work, but my mind is not working. I am reflecting, and struggling to associate monetary value with intimate contemplation. Money isn’t the point though.

Or is it? Is anyone compelled to reflect on why our city would spend over two million dollars to build a tiny golf course as schools are failing and jobs are leaving? It’s not polite to criticize that which I did not have a hand in shaping or building, though I hope someone else will, in the interest of public debate.

Tonight’s reflection stays simple. Focus on including a friend and give thanks for their wise words and sense of humor that unlocks your smile.