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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

Published September 14, 2014 in Daily Reflections - 0 Comments

Visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum is one of my favorite weekend trips in the Midwest.  This $145.2M enclave houses engaging historical content that reveals the life of America’s most famous President, but it shockingly took longer for our own Illinois politicians to build than it did for Lincoln to win the civil war.  Yet the enlightenment comes from realizing that he wasn’t the universally loved President that we all seem to learn in grade school.  It’s fascinating to me that through so much doubt and divisiveness, President Lincoln stuck with his vision and was able to lead our country through to victory, ultimately shaping the future of the Union and keeping our early United States of America together through its darkest hours.

As I walk through the museum, I am constantly reminded of the importance of persistence, as elements of criticism permeate exhibits about not only Abraham Lincoln but also his wife, Mary Todd, and his cabinet members.  The smiles of children and foreigners who visit the museum are reminders that we may all find a measure of encouragement through Abe’s life’s work.

Abe’s volunteers here are especially helpful, and I’m always curious as to what inspires these older retired men and women to serve as mentors and informants to first time visitors.  But the neatest exhibit is one sponsored by AT&T, called Ghosts of the Library.  I’ll not spoil the surprise, but seeing the wide eyes on any first-time visitor I bring with me is enough to keep me appreciating all of the hard work that surrounds this performance.

We bring all of our business clients, contractors and new hires here when they arrive in town, and it is always a great catalyst for reflection and introspection.  Most of all, I know not of a single person who has left without appreciating the immense sacrifices put forth by the men and women who served during the Civil War.