Reflecting beyond the day I found out why.

Old Friends, New Chapters

Published September 16, 2014 in Daily Reflections - 0 Comments

Purpose is important.  For your own goals.  For others who want to help you see your goals through.
Purpose is impactful.  When brief in memory.  Memory inspires action by others to aid your purpose.

I enjoy reconnecting with old friends, hearing where their careers take them, and love learning about the people they meet.  Though there are many conversations that barely scratch the surface, several friendships remain deep and are openly explored.  My friendships from the Marine Corps are often the most loyal; one of my few and proud maintained is a close friend who prides himself on logistics.

Now that we’re expanding our efforts internationally on a more consistent basis, having a trusted friend in the trenches overseas is invaluable.  But none of this collaboration would have started without each of us maintaining our purpose, which leads to a shared vision.  He seeks to remain an entrepreneur who will move anything, anytime, to any place in the world, even at a moment’s notice.  This outlook is not only rare, it’s exceptionally difficult to accomplish without a deep network of contacts in multiple countries around the world.

In sending credible business through him, his trust among his network deepens, and he is seen as a trusted source for legitimate international transactions.  This ultimately helps us as we expand into other areas, because we now have a trusted network protecting our interests, and this trust continues to build after every transaction.  Our close communication, as brothers-in-arms, is infallible and we are always upfront about mistakes made so we can each learn from the experience and continue to grow professionally.

Without each of us understanding our purpose, none of this collaboration would have happened.  My specialty remains in recognizing patterns among seemingly disconnected pieces of information and developing coherent plans of action as a result.  When I see complications abroad, even in the midst of political meandering, I challenge this friend to recognize opportunities for himself to interject and add value to the situation.

My personal purpose is to empower others to appreciate life through freedom, recognition, and love.  (Freedom in my definition = safety / security / peace of mind)
My business purpose is to help our clients discover and utilize our technology to help them innovate and improve their own operations.

What is your purpose?  How can I help you with your goals?