Reflecting beyond the day I found out why.

The Value of Curiosity

Published September 1, 2014 in Daily Reflections - 0 Comments

They don’t know you, so they keep their distance. You look different to them, and they take comfort in maintaining a twenty foot buffer. You’ll never fit into their exclusive group, and there is nothing you can talk about that will bring them closer. In fact, the closer you get, the more they walk away.

Except there is one removed from a cautious flock that pierces this void with curiosity. Watching you, allowing happiness to fill the gap, spreading its wings a little wider to approach and acknowledge your presence. You exist, and you are not ignored. Because while you might be different than them, this one sees you watching patiently, not chasing them like the thousand other children, not yelling or running, just observing.

Why are you different? Is it just today?

Perhaps you are not the only one reflecting at the docks. Confronting the opportunity is yours, to jump and sail however briefly in the air, to feel the rush of water surging over your skin until either your feet meet the earth or your hair is fully submerged, or merely appreciate without action that your feet remain planted on what used to be part of a tree, anchored to the ground. This dock is a point of mutual reflection, casual observation, and even the springboard toward your next encounter with the elements of Earth. But in this moment, your mind may soar as much as the wings stretch out in front of you until your will decides to act. Possibility is rejected only for the restraint of your own imagination.